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Daily Astrology. Numerology Love Match. Dating Calendar. Baby Gender Predictor. This form of Chinese astrology that I specialise in provides you with your personal map for this life, to find your true calling, know your timing and evolve positively. Contact me to have a deep look at your Bazi. The Snake is taking shelter in If you are a Snake, there are some clouds on the horizon for your love life.

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Snakes whom are in a relationship are likely to experience a difficult time. Without changing anything, you might push the buttons of your partner during the whole year. So what will serve you well is to learn and practice a non agressive way of communication through the whole year…. What about the single Snake then?

For you, the fate is a bit different. However, the nature of the relationship could be challenging: either due the personality of this new person, or due to circumstances.

The rest of your respective Bazi will be very telling too…In any case, just remember to not fall too hardly for anyone yet: get to know people before you commit. Of course, it is also a difficult area for you Snake during the year of the Pig. If you are a boss, you will be challenged by your employees. It might happen because of difference of opinions on the way to do the work, or because they have to take unexpected leaves etc. All Snakes must be mindful with their tax returns and such, and not overlook legal deadlines.

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The Pig native is one of the most sincere and modest sign of all zodiac signs. The naturalness and sincerity make him irresistible for the Goat, Rabbit, Tiger, and Dog natives.

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The Pig natives are very devoted to their love relationship, they regard their partner with respect and try to offer as many fulfillment, happy moments as possible, this is why they are appreciated by the Monkey, Rat, Ox, and Horse natives. Animosity and long-lasting conflicts might occur between the Dragon, Snake or Rooster natives and the Pig natives. Year of the Pig : a year of fortune and luck! A time with good opportunities to make money.

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This year through, you will need to learn how to come to terms with others. A bit less wary than usual, you will easily get close to others and make new friends. Pig - The year is yours, right? Start by setting your priorities and then get to work: once you start moving, you will start seeing results. Choose your chinese zodiac sign.

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Feng Shui in the Year of the Earth Pig: lucky symbols. Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 8 Lucky Colors : yellow, gray, brown, golden Lucky Days: the 2nd, the 7th, the 10th, the 11th day of every month of the Chinese calendar Lucky Directions: southeast, northeast. Chinese Love Horoscope The Pig belongs to the group of water signs, it represents the beginning of winter and is the birth month of wood.

Therefore, the Pig symbolizes the plant germination and the birth of a new life form. The Child Born in the Pig Year Honest, determined and loyal, the child born in the Pig zodiac sign is worthy of your trust.

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The Man Born in the Pig Year The adult born in the Pig year represents the knight stereotype — honest, resolved, and brave. She ensures an atmosphere of contentment and full understanding in her entourage and family. Usually, the love affairs between these zodiac signs are not permanent. Famous People Born in the Year of the Pig. Passion for life, sensibility, gentleness, and generosity are representative for the Pig natives and they are accredited in the personality of the following famous people:. Rat Horoscope Ox Horoscope Tiger Horoscope Rabbit Horoscope Dragon Horoscope Snake Horoscope Horse Horoscope Goat Horoscope Monkey Horoscope Rooster Horoscope Dog Horoscope